Town screen and music

I think it's a good sign that I was able to pick the project back up after almost two months long break. Though, to be fair, I am the one who wrote the code in the first place. Still, one can hope it's not going to be an unreadable mess once released into open-source.

So last time in the "I'm not dead" post I showed you the first steps with the resource manager. It's grown since then. Sprites, sounds, and music, oh my. Parallel with that, I started working on game states, and made a faux-town screen to show. See for yourself:

It really is coming together, isn't it.

Next up — probably some basic GUI, with some more polish for graphics and sounds, fade-outs and transitions and whatnots.

Town screen background is Coven by brilliant reddit user u/revesvans.

Sprites are Cavalry, Stone Pile, and heavily edited Castle by Delapouite and Crystal growth by Lorc. Music is Angevin by Kevin MacLeod. Horse sound effect lifted from HoMM III (you're not gonna believe how hard it is to find a suitable free gallop sound effect!).