Nation of Pehaam

Pehaam is a nation ruled by a coven of witches known as the Circle of Moonrise. Fearsome creatures roam its forests, and spellbound soldiers comprise its armies.

The Circle of Moonrise appeared some 120 years ago, and established itself at the border between then warring Ithear and Ashea. As the coven grew more and more powerful, feeding on the deaths of soldiers, its magic started warping the forests and the mountains around the coven's grounds. Ferocious animals, shadow creatures, and horrifying walking trees filled the area, striking fear into the hearts of local people.

Soon, surrounding villages pledged themselves to the coven, begging the witches to protect them from their own creations. They would give their sons and daughters to the Circle as their tribute. The daughters were to become the younger Sisters of the Circle and the sons, through blood magic, the mighty Heartless warriors, fully subservient to the coven.

These days Pehaam, still ruled by the thirteen witches of the original coven, is wholly separate from both Ithear and Ashea, both of which dare not test its borders. Inside Pehaam, most of the monstrous creatures have been exiled to the forests and mountains, leaving plains to the people.