Kingdom of Ithear

Ithear (ee-THE-ar) is a kingdom on the western shores of Ishon (EE-shon). It is the largest state on Ishon and is inhabited almost exclusively by humans.

In the year 1227, previously small and peaceful kingdom of Arrath turned to theocracy under the rule of king Cassius the Pious, who has established himself as the Patriarch and started the Ithearian Conquests. The Conquests lasted ten years, until in the year 1238 king Lionel the Uniter has annexed the last of the eleven provinces of the Itherian Empire.

Now, Arrath is the capital province of Ithear, though it is sometimes subdivided into North Arrath and South Arrath along the river Faeran (fah-er-AHN), mostly for the sake of being able to say that Ithear consists of twelve provinces. Capital of Ithear, Faereth (fah-er-ETH), then ends up on that division line.

The province of Uther, named Demakh before its annexation, is the most restless of the provinces. The duke of Uther is on good terms with both neighboring dukes and queen Flavia herself, and was invited to Arrath on a few occasions to advise at the royal council. There are rumors of another insurgence brewing in Uther's many abandoned mines, but the duke of Uther staunchly denies them all.

Ithear doesn't get along well with neighboring nations. Reasons for that are many territorial disputes in the aftermath of the Conquests, and general attitude of Ithearian nobility towards non-humans and heathens.